Various Terminologies Used While Dealing with Ladyboys and FAQs

While dealing with ladyboys, often you may come across a few different terminologies based on their different acts and characteristics. It will be good to know if you are going to mingle with such ladyboys.

Here are few glossaries of those terms explained.

  1. Ladyboy

One who was born as male physically, however, considers him woman and also presents as such. They are women and born in man’s body.

  1. Shemale

Same like a ladyboy.

  1. Transsexual

One who was born as opposite gender. The term, however, does not indicate about sexual reorientation surgery.

  1. Transexual

One who has gone through gender reassignment surgery.

  1. TS

This is an abbreviation for Transexual.

  1. Femboy

Ladyboy who did not perform any surgery but uses only hormones and makeup to present as a lady. Young boys with sweet face often act as femboy.

  1. Katoey

This is a Thai word used for a ladyboy.

  1. Pre-Op

Ladyboy who has never undergone gender change surgery and also has got a penis.

  1. Post-Op

Ladyboy who has performed gender change surgery and has a vagina too.

Many ladyboys often perform surgery which is other than changing gender like breast enhancement which does not affect their status. Few Discreet ladyboys undergo breast enhancement surgery instead of changing their sex.

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  1. Versatility

Ladyboy who will be ready to take either bottom or top role during the sex act. Usually, most of these Discreet ladyboy escorts will be versatile.

  1. Top

This refers to the one who penetrates their sexual partner.

  1. Active

Almost same as top.

  1. Bottom

In this sexual position, partner gets penetrated by client.

  1. Passive

Similar to bottom.

  1. Dominant

This is the personality that will like to control the whole action.

  1. Submissive

This is someone who likes being controlled.

  1. Passable

Those ladyboys who can be easily mistaken for as someone born female.

  1. Feminine

Few ladyboys are very feminine in their appearance or behaviour.

  1. Threesome friendly

They will easily go with 2 men.

  1. Couple friendly

They will go mostly with a couple, but it does not mean that they will also engage in sexual intercourse with your woman.

  1. Ladyboy friendly

They will go with a ladyboy or man and ladyboy.

  1. Lady friendly

They will go with a woman alone and also will engage in sexual intercourse with the woman

  1. Girlfriend Experience

They will be romantic, friendly, and the escort will act as your girlfriend as long you spend time together with them.

  1. Porn-star Experience

You can get sexual experience almost like any sex movie

Few Frequently Asked Questions about Ladyboy

  1. Which one will be best?

All the ladyboys offered by any recognized provider are all excellent. However, “Best” is a subjective thing for every client who cannot be answered for you.

  1. Will you recommend any ladyboy?

For any first-timer certain recommendations can be done based on their specific requests. However, generally, you must pick the ladyboy who will turn you on.

  1. Whether the ladyboys are clean?

Of-course they are clean and undergo medical check at least once in a month.

  1. Whether will I remain safe?

Surely yes. No escorts will steal or threaten their clients.